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Pickninck_Etoall_10_low-1500x1126 Pickninck_Etoall_16_low-1500x1001 Pickninck_Etoall_17_low-1500x1126 Pickninck_Etoall_18_low-1500x1001Pickninck_Etoall_25_low-1500x1001Pickninck_Etoall_24_low-1500x1001Pickninck_Etoall_27_low-1500x1001 Pickninck_Etoall_28_low-1500x1126pics from last friday when we had a bbq party in humlegården. the best part was when we went to buy french fries in a bucket, came back and all the ketchup was finished cause the guys had made street art with it. suddenly we all started to dance and take pictures and change the world. creativity was flowing. we even made artwork out of the bucket with fries in the end. don’t ask me how but somehow we did. it’s all about saying yes. and believing in magic.

photo by Etoall, me and our friends :)



paulina- 18 August, 2013 at 04:03
grymma bilder!! //
Alina- 7 August, 2013 at 10:33
"Suddenly we all started to dance and take pictures and save the world" hahaha seriöst sitter och skrattar högt för mig själv x) ooh och inget slår vår fries-art. arty farty asså lixom.
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  Devon Windsor for Vogue Mexico November 2015. Photography by Dean Isidro. Styling by Sarah Gore Reeves. Hair by Roberto Di Cuia. Make-up by Eric Polito.  

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Sweden keeps on exporting soul queens out to the world to hear this last years’, first Seinabo Sey and now this young rising star, Sabina Ddumba. Here is yet a new smashing new single Not Too Young, created with producer Nick Ruth and T- Collar. This is worth listening to.

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”Have a high minimum level of what you release. Do not wait to be discovered, show that you want to be discovered. Have structure and be organized in what you are doing.”   That is how Stockholm -based producer and artist Finis Mundi advice other young music creators’ whom wants. what he already achived, the 1 million play on music […]

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