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03:30 - 13/10/2012


another casting day. wearing my new black dress from gina tricot. it´s perfect for castings since it´s black, simple and shows the legs. not too long, not too short. not too cute, not too mature. it´s important to dress the right way here cause the clients are always checking everything. sometimes it´s better to wear low shoes since we are to tall for some brands. it´s also very practical to wear a simple dress since we are changing clothes like 10 times a day at the castings. hair up, hair down. please bring bikini. walk strong, cool, natural, faster, slower. smile, no smile, more natural. gah, so many things to think about.

thank god we have our managers ;)


photo by my manager Aki

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Frida- 14 October, 2012 at 09:32
Väldigt fina bilder! Låter som att det inte bara en dans på rosor där borta ;) men tur att du trivs!
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